From this spot I could hear the river running and birds chirping. Fireflies and dragonflies buzzed about, and the trees rained down pink petals. Very peaceful.

Cabins in the woods.

Cabins in the woods.


Willow Creek Library (No CC)

Cheat : Resize Objects

Download : Origin ID [simmightsay]

What a fantastic lot!! <3

Some quickie pics of the bedrooms and master bath in the Riverside Georgian.

This is the Riverside Georgian, an elegant and stylish home built along the river in Willow Creek. It’s the home of the Paiges, a music-loving family, and is decorated to fit their tastes. There is a large fountain in the backyard which will be a good place to put a pool in the future! And there are two levels of porches which take advantage of the lovely river views (it’s the perfect place to sit and watch the steamboat chug on by).


  • 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
  • Living room: Piano, violin, chess table, bookcase
  • Kitchen: Tea brewer, microwave, copious cabinet space
  • Family room: TV, gramophone, computer, bookcase
  • Bar on upper porch and easel in backyard
  • 8 single planters


  • Lot size: 40 x 30
  • Lot location: “Brook Bungalow” in Willow Creek
  • No CC or special items
  • Recommended to place in Build Mode due to a few resized items
  • Uploaded to the Gallery under Origin ID silrosse and hashtag jenba

More pics because I couldn’t fit them all here:


Nighttime at the Riverside Georgian house.

The upper back porch. This lot has such a great view!

The upper back porch. This lot has such a great view!




Enjoy the remake of The Sims 1 Tragic Clown in glorious HD and higher poly-count that The Sims 4 offers!

This pack includes all the custom content made for this sim, and the sim itself. You can either download the CC, the sim, or both!

*NOTICE* - The clown nose isn’t included since I came across some issues with it. In male sims it looks ok (although its slightly distorted and not assigned to the nose joint), but in female sims it’s completely distorted, and it’s meant to be available for both, so I’ll add that when I fix these issues!



Awesome! Something else for peacemaker-ic's Ryan to wear.

if he ends up in that outfit, we will be having words :P 

This is just too cool!

The back porch.

The back porch.

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seri-plays replied to your post: Finally finishing up the Georgian home…

"On the left side we have the pieces inherited from great-grandmother Janice, and over here the pieces from our second-cousin Kelly… Oh, look, these cabinets are from great-aunt Auburn…" Ah the joy of family heirlooms. XD

Bwah!! Exactly. :)