Ellie’s chair from Up.

Oh, SWEET! It looks perfect. I’ve actually been meaning to build this house again - I tried it like two weeks after Sims 3 came out, but without CC or being able to change the pitch of the roof, it looked a bit lame. I’d love to try it again now. Unless you’re doing it! 

I’m experimenting with putting my Whimsett Cove lots into Cape Garner Islands (calling it Cape Whimsett for the moment xD). I plan on grabbing my CGI lots from my other save and plopping them here, too.

I thought about doing this months ago when CGI first came out, but it didn’t feel right putting New England-y lots into a world based on the Pacific Northwest. Eventually I realized that it doesn’t matter. My Sims don’t live in the real world. It’s all fantasy. So I don’t need to restrict myself so much.

I have much tweaking to do with this save before I can play it, but I think it just might work. *crosses fingers*

helloloridor replied to your photoset “Some work-in-progress pics of The Lobster Dock! The wonderful Zx_ta…”

Nice build so far. Will you make it available for download at some point? *crosses fingers*

If there is interest, I’ll definitely consider it! And knowing that early on, I can try to avoid using too much CC. The lot is slope-y, though, so it might only work well on this particular lot in Cape Garner Islands! :-/

Some work-in-progress pics of The Lobster Dock! The wonderful Zx_ta made me some fantastic lobster signs - when I saw them, I squee’d out loud and clapped my hands like a little kid at Christmas. SO MUCH LOVE! <3

There’s a lot to do yet - furnishing the place, for one, and tweaking stuff some more (I tend to place a lot of extraneous items while I’m building and then throw them out later), but man, this is fun.

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I’ve downloaded Matkoosie with the intention of making it into a sleepy coastal Maine college town. (Want to replace the military base area with a college my sims can attend in their homeworld.) How do I use CAW to do that? Or do I need to?

It depends on if you want to change the roads/lot sizes up in the military area or not. You can delete the military base in World Editor, and possibly remove some lots and replace them with differently-sized ones, if they fit (though this doesn’t always work, for whatever reason, so make sure you save first, because World Editor doesn’t have an Undo button). 

If you want to add more roads or rearrange the lots in any way, you will need to take the world into CAW. You can find instructions for editing premade worlds at Mod the Sims (I believe I used the “Original Method”). Make sure you have the latest versions of both CAW and S3PE.

The instructions may seem a little intimidating if you’ve never used S3PE,  but it’s really not bad at all. I’m not a very technical person, and I was able to do it with no issues. CAW itself, on the other hand, can be a pain in the heiney, but there are a ton of resources out there for it you run into trouble (like these CAW tutorials on the Sims Wiki).

Best of luck whatever you decide to do! “Sleepy coastal college town” sounds awesome. :)

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Great choice! For the lobster- there’re ea’s signs from IP. In roof decor

Oh yeah! Forgot about those. Thank you! I’ll have to see if they’ll work. :)

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Do you need some giant lobster art? ;)

OMG, YES! ;-) Actually, I haven’t started looking yet, but you know I absolutely adore anything you create! <3 Some giant lobster art from you would be amazing! LOL. (only if you are inspired, though!)

That moment where you see a picture and think, “I NEED TO BUILD THIS IN SIMS.”

I know it’s a bit like the Chowder House, at least in the general “seafood restaurant” sense, but I love how it’s close to the shoreline and has an outdoor seating area.

I just need to find some giant lobster art and colorful buoys to hang on the walls. *nodnod*

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I don´t mind if it´s not finished... *cries* And cuold it be posible if you shared at least the CAW files?

I’m sorry, dear anon - when I asked Johnnywr for permission to edit Matkooskee in CAW, I stated that it was for my own purposes and that I wouldn’t be sharing it. Even if he said it was OK to share, I’d be reluctant to do so because it has some flaws (like a big dent in the sidewalk by the shoreline, which was my fault for being a bit careless in CAW), and I had some problems with routing at times. I’ve moved on from Whimsett and don’t plan on going back to fix those issues. I’m sorry to disappoint - I understand your frustration as I’ve drooled at plenty of things that people don’t or can’t share. 

You could try taking Matkooskee into CAW yourself - it’s not too bad. I hate CAW and I was still able to get some edits in. :) All I did was change the roads around the military base area so I could put more lots up there, and then modified some of the downtown lots slightly (so they would stretch to the sidewalks in between) and put more cobblestone terrain paint down. That was the extent of it. I’m happy to answer any questions about CAW if you go that route. 

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Hey! Could you share Whimsett Cove? I love it <3

Aw, thank you, dear Anon, but I’m afraid I can’t share Whimsett Cove with you. :-( For one, it’s only about one-third finished (and likely to remain that way), and for two, it’s absolutely full of CC - we’re talking thousands (ok, maybe more like hundreds) of items! But I have uploaded a few lots from it, if you check out my downloads tag, and if you place them in Johnnywr’s Matkooskee, you can have a little bit of Whimsett! :)

My colonial revival house from Whimsett Cove has been uploaded to Sims 3 Musketeers (at the request of an anon). See the link below for more info, pics, and the download links!

The Somerset @ Sims 3 Musketeers