Time to put on your oversized amber-tinted sunglasses: this is the teenaged girl’s bedroom in the 1970s house. The bold colors, plaid wallpaper, paneling, etc. were all inspired by interior decorating pics I found on the web.

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From the vault: a 1970s bathroom, featuring some of that decade’s favorite colors - brown, orange, and harvest gold.

napoleonfrost replied to your photoset “Taking a little bike ride down memory lane with some old pics from…”

Then, what hinders you from playing again?

Nothing, really. :) Drake and Lenore aged up to Young Adult and moved out of Hayden’s house, and that’s about when I lost interest in playing them. I moved on to my next project and never went back. It’d be fun to boot up that save and play with them again, just for old times’ sake, but I doubt I could re-create the magic!

Taking a little bike ride down memory lane with some old pics from Moonlight Falls. I really miss it sometimes! Before the Supernatural EP came out, I didn’t think I’d do much with it, but I can honestly say it was the most fun I ever had just playing the game (with my Appaloosa Plains/Pets save being a close second).

In that save, teenage twins Drake and Lenore lived with their wicked wizard of a stepfather, Hayden, and had to deal with all manner of weird things happening around them (and to them - such as when poor Lenore spent a day as a Tragic Clown).


The planting isn’t exactly the same, but it’s near as dammit - think I saved after each plant went in ;-) 

This is Elmsdale. It’s an unfurnished (but landscaped) Victorian in the Queen Anne style (whatever the f*ck that means) and I buildededed…deded it for the July Monthly Mission at The Sims DailyGreat Expectations!

If you wants it, you can find it there, just click on the link above :-) xx


Goth Bedroom and Duran Duran/Narbo Narbo replies

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Early morning and a few more cooking school replies (late!!)

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My graphics card is acting up (I plan on cleaning out my case tonight to see if that helps), so I haven’t done much in my game lately. But here are some old pics of a bedroom I decorated for Mortimer and Bella (the ice-creamforbreakfast versions).

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Duran Duran?

You got it! :-D