Sago Palm Apartments

  • Lot size: 20 x 30
  • Cost: §123,455
  • Patch Level: 1.50
  • Address: 71 Lake Access Road, Lucky Palms

Requires Late Night, Showtime, and Lucky Palms (for plants, fences, and art in the hallway — if you don’t mind replacing those items, you should be fine without LP)

*NO CC Required*

The building consists of three apartment units, a little area for a community garden, and a basement with a workout area and juice bar (“quick drinks” only). Each apartment has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen/dining/living area, and a balcony or patio. All of the units are pre-furnished, with pretty much the same furniture and colors, except for the bedrooms which are a bit more customized.

NOTE: I didn’t set these up as Late Night apartments because I wanted to use them with Ani’s TS3 Apartment Mod. If you want to do the same, please read the instructions below on how to use that mod. Otherwise, you can move a family in and rent out rooms to NPCs EA-style (I haven’t tried this yet myself) or if you know how to use the Late Night hidden room markers (from buydebug), you could make NPC apartments that way (I haven’t tried that either — there’s a tutorial here if you’re feeling brave). 

I’ve uploaded both a Sims3Pack and .package file. If you use the .package file, please place it in your Library folder.

Download Sims3Pack

Download Package

To use Ani’s TS3 Apartment Mod with this building:

  1. Download Ani’s TS3 Apartment Mod.
  2. Make sure you read her Overview for the mod as there are a few quirks that occur with this mod.
  3. Once you have installed the mod and placed the apartment building, go into buy mode and replace the Late Night callbox outside the front door with Ani’s modded callbox.
  4. Move in all of the Sims you want to have living in the building. 
  5. Click on Ani’s callbox to create the separate families/households that will live in the building. Make sure to add every Sim to one of the households.
  6. Use Ani’s callbox to set the rent price and funds for each family (both are up to you).
  7. Now click on the callbox and select which family you want to play as your active family. The rest will become unplayable, but you can click on Ani’s callbox to make another household active if you wish. (You can also do this with Twallan’s Story Progression or Master Controller, through the NRaas menu.)
  8. Click on the entry doors to each unit and select which Sims should be able to access that unit. (Unfortunately if you want a guest or Service NPC to access the unit, you’ll have to unlock it temporarily and then reassign access. You could try using Flyby’s MoDoor mod to make this work much more smoothly.)

I did playtest the lot for a couple of days, but if anything seems weird or doesn’t work right, please let me know!

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