By request, I’ve uploaded the lighthouse I built for Whimsett Cove. To reduce the amount of CC required, I cleaned out the interior and replaced a few textures with ones from the base game. I left the exterior mostly intact, however, so there are a few things you may want to download if you want it to look right. :)

Note: this lot was originally a little fishing cabin by Johnnywr, who built it for his world Matkooskee. I deleted the cabin completely and built the lighthouse from scratch, but I did leave some of Johnnywr’s landscaping and terrain-painting around the edges of the lot. Also, the fencing you see around the lot (not the lighthouse fencing) was placed by him in CAW, so it won’t show up on the lot. 

Lot size: 25 x 30

EPs Required: I have all EPs but the only required ones would be Supernatural, Seasons, and Pets, I believe

Patch Level: 1.55

CC Required:

  • Basic Balcony Railing 2 by LilyOfTheValley
  • Traditional Gypsy Caravan Door (1-tile) by Cyclonesue (pay)
  • Plain Braced Beam by Land of WOE (part of the Isle of Dusk: Timber Build Extras set)
  • Wood Siding pattern by Awesims.

Store Items Required:

  • Sunken Boat from Riverview (just a part of the landscaping, so if you don’t have it, no biggie)

DOWNLOAD Sims 3 Pack (clean)


DOWNLOAD Package file (put in The Sims 3/Library folder)

If you’re wondering what the heck to do with this lot, well, it’s completely up to you! You could change it to a Residential Lot and turn it into a home, or you could transform it into a seafood restaurant! Or you could do what I did and make it a history/nature center of sorts (if you want ideas for that, check out this post on my blog). 


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