Presenting the first in what I hope will be a series of Sears Kit Homes from the 1910s-1920s! This one is called The Walton, and you can view the original house plans and many real life Waltons here.

I wanted to make this house look as authentic as possible, but I did make a few layout changes for either aesthetic reasons or better functionality. As this series was inspired by Baufive’s beautiful Grant Park window/door set, many of the lots I’m building for it will require that set as well as the matching curtain set by Pocci. Also, huge thanks to Cloudwalker who destenciled the base game Mission Counters for me. :) Links to all CC are listed below!

A quick note on the decorating: this will probably be the only Sears home that I furnish fully, as decorating with mostly base game stuff drives me batty, and I think people enjoy decorating homes themselves anyway! In fact, I am making these homes look sort of faded and old-fashioned on purpose so your Sims can “renovate” to their heart’s content. ;) This particular one is decorated in a 1920s Craftsman + Colonial style, using color palettes from old 1920s linoleum flooring ads (so if some of the color schemes are a bit “WTF?”, that’s why!).

Lot size: 20 x 30

Cost: §49,149

EPs Required: I have all EPs up to Island Paradise, but the only required ones for this lot are Late Night, Supernatural, and University Life (only for the stereo, so if you don’t have UL, I think you’ll be OK!)

Patch Level: 1.55

CC Required:

Grant Park Door & Window Set (Part I) by Baufive

Curtain Set by Pocci

Mission Counters - Stencil Free by Cloudwalker

Download Links:

DOWNLOAD Sims 3 Pack


DOWNLOAD Package file (put in The Sims 3/Library folder)


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