Nope, this is not a Sears home, heh. I just realized I never posted this lot on my Simblr…so here it is!

The Palacio was inspired by dingbat apartments, the kind that were built in California in the ’50s and which are inhabited primarily by college students and young couples nowadays. I currently have my favorite Sim Fran living in them at 127 Lakeside Drive on the “Salty Springs” side of Lucky Palms. 

The Palacio consists of two buildings on one lot, separated by a small gated courtyard. There are 6 one-bedroom apartment units in all, with 4 spots for parking. All of the apartments are furnished. (Sidenote: I wanted these apartments to be slightly dull, outdated, and shabby, to reflect a lower cost, so they’re a bit blah in that respect. Just ripe for some personalizing!)

  • Lot size: 35 x 25
  • Cost: §121,636
  • Patch Level: 1.50
  • EPs: Late Night
  • Store Stuff: Lucky Palms Standard (for plants and fences — if you don’t mind replacing those items, you should be fine without LP)

*NO CC Required*

NOTE: As with my Sago Palm Apartments, I didn’t set these up as Late Night apartments because I wanted to use them with Ani’s TS3 Apartment Mod. If you want to do the same, please read the instructions in this post. Otherwise, you can move a family in and rent out rooms to NPCs EA-style (I haven’t tried this yet myself) or if you know how to use the Late Night hidden room markers (from buydebug), you could make NPC apartments that way (I haven’t tried that either — there’s a tutorial here if you’re feeling brave). 

Download Sims3Pack


Download Package (place in Sims 3/Library folder)

I did playtest the lot for a couple of days, but if anything seems weird or doesn’t work right, please let me know! (Oh, and I left some of the concrete tiles off of the right front corner of the lot [*blush*], so…feel free to add those!)

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